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3215 W State St
Milwaukee, WI, 53208
United States


The Potawatomi Business Development Corporation (PBDC) was established in 2002 as the economic development and income diversification business of
the Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCPC). Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our subsidiary companies and investments provide financial diversification for our shareholders and investment partners. We grow with a clear focus on profitability and sustainable economic development.

To generate wealth and improve the quality of life for the Tribe by making strategic investments, acquisitions and prudent asset management decisions. Resources generated by PBDC and its holdings will help DIVERSIFY the tribal economy that supports Forest County Potawatomi’s tribal government and helps improve the lives of tribal members. Through trust, support, integrity, and mutual respect, PBDC is committed to building an economic engine that supports the Tribe for generations to come.

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Wgema Campus


The Wgema Campus - formerly Concordia College, then the Concordia Trust Property - is rich in history and value to the City of Milwaukee and the historic neighborhood that surrounds it.

Concordia College left this historic neighborhood in 1983, moving its campus to Mequon, where it now operates as Concordia University Wisconsin.

The Forest County Potawatomi Community has owned the Milwaukee property since 1990, and the site had been leased to the Indian Community School until the school moved to Franklin in 2010.

Now called the Wgema Campus, plans are in place to strategically redevelop the campus.

The Bgemagen Building was the first of the buildings on campus to be redeveloped according to the plan established by tribal administration. The Potawatomi Business Development Corporation resides on the third floor of the building, and Greenfire Management Services resides on the second floor. Administrative offices of the Milwaukee Police Department occupy the first floor and lower level.

Woodlands East, an independent charter school joined the campus in 2013 - leasing the Nengos Building. This is the second location for Woodlands School, whose first location is located at 55th & Bluemound.

Renovations of the remaining historically significant buildings began in summer 2015, and will continue for the next several years. Greenfire Management Services is managing the construction for the renovations. Construction progress photos can be viewed here at Greenfire's website.