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3215 W State St
Milwaukee, WI, 53208
United States


The Potawatomi Business Development Corporation (PBDC) was established in 2002 as the economic development and income diversification business of
the Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCPC). Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, our subsidiary companies and investments provide financial diversification for our shareholders and investment partners. We grow with a clear focus on profitability and sustainable economic development.

To generate wealth and improve the quality of life for the Tribe by making strategic investments, acquisitions and prudent asset management decisions. Resources generated by PBDC and its holdings will help DIVERSIFY the tribal economy that supports Forest County Potawatomi’s tribal government and helps improve the lives of tribal members. Through trust, support, integrity, and mutual respect, PBDC is committed to building an economic engine that supports the Tribe for generations to come.

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PBDC investments constitute a diversified portfolio of partnerships and businesses that are designed to create value for the Forest County Potawatomi Community

Investment Criteria

Potawatomi Business Development Corporation shall invest its capital using the following general guidelines:

Passive Investments

PBDC may invest a portion of its capital in passive investments that have the following characteristics:

  • Entities, partners, or business with proven track records
  • Investment opportunities that distribute cash on a regular basis and if possible also have long-term appreciation potential

Acquisition Strategy

From an operating company standpoint, PBDC has typically followed these general guidelines when assessing the investment opportunity:

  • Entities that have an established track record in relatively stable industries
  • Purchase only profitable companies that can demonstrate a minimum of 3-years of positive cash flow
  • Take at least a controlling interest in the new company
  • If possible, acquire business where the tribal status is an additional positive for business development